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Configuring Internet Explorer for ADSL4Less Broadband

Now that you have installed your modem or router and drivers, you will need to tell Internet Explorer that it has a new default connection.

1 Click on the 'Start' menu then go to 'Settings' and click on 'Control Panel'.
2 Double click "Internet Options".
3 Select the "Connection" tab.
4 Delete your old dial-up connection and then click on "AccessRunner DSL" and select "Set Default". Also, select "Never dial a connection".

5 Click 'OK' at the bottom of the box.
6 You have now set Internet Explorer to use your new broadband connection!

You also have to ensure that Outlook or Outlook Express is also setup for this connection.

If you have any problems please call our helpline or login into your Total Control panel and submit a support request or email

Helpline 0844 846 6502

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